OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” was established in September of year 2003 as a holding company.

OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” includes:

  • Investment company OAO “IK “OSNOVA”;
  • Legal center ZAO “PRAVO OSNOVA”;
  • Assets managing company (real estate, business) ZAO “GEOOSNOVA”;
  • Agro-industrial company ZAO “AGROOSNOVA”;
  • Logistic company “OSNOVA-LOGISTIC”;
  • Independent registrar;
  • Company on trust managing of property and professional securities market participant, nominal securities holder;
  • Depositary company;
  • Information-analytical center;
  • Valuation company;
  • Audit company;
  • number of other legal entities needed to carry out activity;

OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” is a founder of a number of autonomous noncommercial organizations and associations, professional unions of enterprises, such as:

  • Union of builders
  • Union of enterprises producing construction materials
  • Union of crisis management and arbitrary administrators
  • Union of manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Union of agricultural manufacturers
  • Union of enterprises of security group and etc.


OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” is a direct shareholder (owner) or via its affiliated or dependent companies shareholder (owner) of a number of enterprises carrying out producing or other activity.

  • it is the owner of the eldest in Russia enterprise on production of items made of natural marble and granite
  • it is the owner of one of the largest drugstores chains
  • it is the owner of manufacturer of cosmetic and pharmaceutical drugs
  • it is the owner of group of consulting enterprises
  • it is the owner of medical drugs distributor
  • OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” is a shareholder of several research institutes with production centers.
  • OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” is a member of Construction Union and a partner of several developer companies with which it jointly does projects on construction of apartment houses. At the present moment this activity is in Moscow and Moscow region, but in the nearest time it is planned also in Saint-Petersburg, Tula, Bryansk, Kostroma, Tomsk, Omsk and other towns.


OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” was incorporated by consolidating in one holding company all kinds of activities and assets according to industry indications (the method of usage and etc.) in the capacity of independent sectors.

In fact, OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” consolidated a number of enterprises and employees engaged in professional activity for a long period of time. Company’s specialists and especially experts in corporate law and assets managing are of great value of the Company. The named specialists are occupied with their kinds of activity for more than 10 years – in fact from the moment corporate relationships in habitual manner appeared in Russian Federation and throughout last years. Initially (from the moment of appearance of specialists being now employees and management of the Company) the main activity was legal support of enterprises generally in the sphere of corporate law.


For the period of its activity in collaboration with our Company and its employees (as a part of the Company as well as before joining the Company) have been hundreds of enterprises – Russian and foreign. Collaboration was held in the following spheres:

  • Legal support (as from representation in courts and legal consulting
    to development and implementation of legal strategy of investment and other projects)
  • Conduct and implementation of procedures of enterprises financial improvement, holding procedures on different stages of legal entities bankruptcy, assets managing in the period of holding procedures on different stages of bankruptcy and sale of assets upon completion of procedure
  • Usage of bankruptcy procedure of enterprise as an implementation method of new fields of activity and more efficient usage of real estate, fixed assets and other property used by enterprises in current activity
  • Mobilization of investment (as from mobilization of such investment as loans and credits (research, official registration of legal relationships, guarantees, pledge and mortgage, etc.) to organizing partnerships in investment projects and managing systems in such partnerships, profit earning and dividend distribution)
  • Managing of projects (from the moment of getting the primary (initial) information, offering of developing variants, mobilization of investment, implementation of managing functions, circulation of documents, accounting, organization of production (performance of work), sale of goods and rendering services to transfer of projects into control of other companies (sectoral experts) or sale of such projects)
  • Accounting service
  • Taxation support
  • Restructing of enterprises and earlier initiated projects (conducting of “managing audit of projects”, drawing up of further enterprises and project ways of development, separation of assets according to core and profitable groups, holding of organizing-staff measures, arrangement of accounting and management accounting, organization and management of financial flow for enterprise and project)
  • Information-analytical support (getting information from open sources, valuation of business activity of the contrary party or enterprise and its economical status and etc.)


For the period of work a huge amount of projects were fulfilled:

from the moment of getting information about crisis enterprise or project (bankruptcy stage, attempts of unfriendly company takeover, problems with primary product, marketing or contracting parties, absence of circulating assets, necessity in mobilization of investment, separation of former partners, etc.) to the completion of project according to offered scheme. Essential is the fact that further management of enterprises (including former “projects”) is implemented by management team formed during the process of activity or engaged by owners on the other ground. For the last three years our Company worked well on the initial stage of the world financial crisis and saved its assets as well as expanded its field of activity due to appearance of new clients and partners.

At the present moment OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” is the owner (in some cases partner) of a number of enterprises (in production field), property complexes (real estate of commercial trend) and plots of land. All assets of OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” have investment attractiveness and are used according to core assignment.


OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” is in permanent development and carries out its activity according to three main principles:

  • Rendering of services and support of clients’ business (insignificant part in the Company’s activity)
  • Share holding in business with official representation in operating control and implementation of a number of functional directions
  • Fulfillment of partners’ projects using the Company’s assets


At the present moment we can mark out the most important and major fields of the Company’s activity (nonmetering rendering services and linear share holding in different businesses), active projects:

  • Further development of drugstore chain – increasing of number of drugstores (now 164), including increase in Moscow and development of regional structure; now the Company is in the process of the deal on purchase of 418 drug stores and receiving in management several municipal drugstore chains (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kostroma, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk, Omsk)
  • Stopping of crisis situation in one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors of Russia, renewal of activity and further development of the enterprise (at the present moment negotiations have been held with almost all world largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs and insurance companies, agreement for peaceful agreement reached, terms for renewal of activity and development received (affiliated structure of OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” purchased 100% shares of the pharmaceutical distributor that was in bankruptcy procedure at the moment of purchase and had 5-6 rank according to the volume of sales in Russia; at the present moment negotiations are held with the pharmaceutical distributor (2 rank according to the volume of sales in Russia) on the matter of sale
  • Beginning of manufacturing of cosmetic and medical drugs on the started up plant in Volgograd city owned by our affiliated structure. This includes also development of our self-made medical drugs (with doing medical clinical tests and manufacturing brand-generics)
  • Completion of international certification (getting passports for tracks) of ground for holding international motorsport, snowmobile and quadrocycle competitions. Russian certification this sport construction has already passed and sponsoring and club competitions as well as stages of Russian championships are held
  • Fulfillment of the project on construction and further usage of warehouse complexes in following fields:

    • cosmetic and medical drugs
    • agricultural output (live fish), including its sale and production of various items
  • Number of developing projects
  • Partner project on construction and start up of livestock complex (meat) on the plots of land owned by our company in Yaroslavl region in Russia in partnership and further management of our specialized in this field professional partner
  • Partner project on organization of agricultural machinery leasing on the territory of Russian Federation
  • Partner project on cereal crops (co-owning of warehouses and elevators, purchase and storage of different categories cereal)
  • Partnership with a number of international information agencies (the USA, Europe, Russia)
  • Fulfillment of the projects on organization and issue of mass media (different projects as Parlamentskaya newspaper, State Duma newspaper, bulletins of different ministries and departments as well as regional or sectoral publications (Minstroy, RZHD)
  • Partnership with international company (rendering services of service-visa centers to diplomatic corps of foreign countries, representation of Russian and Ukrainian citizens’ interests in diplomatic missions of 24 countries and also interests of foreign countries’ citizens in diplomatic missions of Russia and Ukraine in 7 foreign countries)
  • OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” owns a number of assets at the present time free of any investment plans (due to presence of other projects) and offered for sale or used in current mode (rent, agricultural production and other variants)
  • OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” has a considerable number of partner relationships with various commercial structures and is in permanent cooperation with them
  • OAO “Investment Company “OSNOVA” is an authorized representative of a number of public organizations (FNPR for instance) when corporate disputes and legal conflicts arise. A number of company’s ex-employees take posts in other commercial organizations and state structures of different levels


De facto address:

121170, Russian Federation, Moscow, Kutuzovskiy avenue, house 36, building 8

Tel. (Fax):+7(499) 408-73-08 E-mail:info@osnova.su